Robert B. Maddux

Robert B. Maddux 74 of Niskayuna passed away after a long battle December 30, 2021. Bob was born in July 1947 in Louisville, Kentucky the second child of three. The family moved to Denver, Co, where Bob, as a Teenager, attended Alameda high School.  He graduated in 1964, then soon joined the Navy, and was assigned to work on the USS America (CV66).  Bob was also later stationed in Ankara, Turkey as a communication technician, Bob became a telecommunications manager for the FBI until he retired.  During this time, he was instrumental in setting up the communications grid for the FBI at the Lake Placid Olympics.  He soon found his wife to be Sandra, who also worked for the FBI, and they had many happy years of marriage until she passed away in 2014.  Bob and Sandy shared a love of ballroom dancing, and he even built a floor in their house so they could dance.  Bob was an avid runner and even ran the NY Marathon. He also indulged in yoga and Japanese sword fighting called Kendo.  Bob eventually moved up as an instructor and taught this art to other students.  His brother, Dick, often said, "I want you with me if we go into a rough bar!"  Other accomplishments included Civil War reenactments using his old cap and ball flintlock rifles.  He was also a cast member in a scene on the Discovery Channel series, which was a documentary about the Civil War. (He was a dead guy some girl was holding).  He also participated in golf, built a canoe, and had Koi ponds in honor of the Japanese tradition.

Bob is predeceased by his beloved wife Sandra.

Survivors include his brothers Richard (Mitze) Maddux and Scott Maddux.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend his funeral 11 o'clock Friday morning at the Rockefeller Funeral home 165 Columbia Tpk Rensselaer.  Burial will be in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.